Applying for 2 Canadian immigration programs at once

Applying for 2 Canadian immigration programs at once

There are more than 100 different economic classes of immigration programs that you can choose from. It is possible to apply for more than one Canadian immigration program. It begs the question: can you apply for multiple Canadian immigration programs at once?

The IRCC states that multiple applications are not prohibited under immigration law, but they will not refund processing fees paid.

You might be eligible for Express entry but you don't want to wait for an Invitation To Apply (ITA). The base Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), looks more appealing, even though it may take longer. You can apply for both.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) allows you to submit two applications simultaneously, but you might have to withdraw one to make a decision. You will also not be able to get any refunds on processing fees.

Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Multiple applications can be made under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations. The immigration officer will inform the applicant before he or she closes one application.

Additionally, multiple applications can be submitted. However, once processing begins, applicants must be aware that processing fees will not be refunded.

One Express Entry profile is allowed.

Canadian immigration law prohibits you from having more than one profile. According to the IRCC website, having more than one profile won't give you a better chance of being invited or allow you to be invited under a different program.

However, you can include your spouse in your Express Entry application. Each Express Entry application has a Principal Applicant (PA), which receives a Comprehensive Rating System score (CRS). A PA can also add a spouse or dependent child to an application.

Only one partner is allowed to be the PA when applying as a couple. As long as both partners are eligible for Express Entry-managed programs, the couple can choose which PA they want. This is because the CRS score of one partner will be higher than that of the other.

Although you may have a profile in Express Entry, it does not guarantee that you will be granted an ITA. If your CRS score is above the minimum cut-off in an Express Entry draw, you may be eligible for an ITA.

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