What are Express Entry and the steps do you need to take throughout the process

Express Entry and the steps do you need to take throughout the process

Express Entry is often misunderstood as referring to the name of an immigration program in Canada. Express Entry is the online system that manages skilled worker applications from three programs: the Canadian Experience Class and the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Let's now look at the steps involved in Express Entry.

Step 1: Determine your eligibility

Like any other Canadian immigration process, you will first need to determine if you are eligible for one of the three skilled worker programs: the Canadian Experience Class or the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

You can either answer a few questions to determine if you meet any of the program's minimum requirements or read through the specific requirements.

Step 2: Create a profile on IRCC to check your Comprehensive Ranking System score (CRS).

Once you have determined that you are eligible, you can create and submit an online profile via Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

This step involves gathering the key documents required to complete your IRCC profile.

The Canadian government has a list of documents that you might need during this process. This includes your IRCC profile as well as your eventual electronic Application for Permanent Residence (eAPR), which will be discussed later.

After your profile has been submitted, you will be issued a Comprehensive Rating System (CRS score) from IRCC. This is vital for skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Canada.

Step 3: Wait to see if an invitation is sent (ITA).

After your profile has been submitted, and you have received a CRS score, the IRCC will determine whether to issue an Invitation To Apply (ITA), for permanent residence in Canada.

An ITA is required to obtain permanent residence in Canada for skilled foreign workers. Express Entry draws are conducted approximately every two weeks. These draws are used by IRCC to invite a group of immigrants -- usually those with the highest scores -- into Canada to apply for permanent residence.

The Canadian government will notify you that your application for permanent residence has been accepted after receiving an ITA.

Step 4: Submit your electronic application for permanent residency (eAPR).

You have 60 days to submit your application for permanent residence. Make sure you have all the necessary documents.

These are just a few examples you might need: a birth certificate and proof of funds. On the website of Canada, you can find the complete list of required documents.

To complete your eAPR, you will need to pay the application fee, have a medical exam and pass a background check.

After all necessary actions have been completed, you can finally submit your application to Canada for permanent residence.

Step 5: Wait until IRCC makes a decision

The waiting game starts as it relates to the processing time of your permanent residence application.

According to the Canadian government, "most complete applications with all supporting documents" will receive processing in six months or less. Canada's standard service is to process 80% of Express Entry applications within six months.

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